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Welcome back to the Lyric of the Day. I hope everyone had a great long weekend.
To get us started this week, I'm pulling one off the back wall: it's Deer Tick, from their 2007 debut record War Elephant. The song is "Dirty Dishes."
"And I cried all night
You created a stream and it flows forever
It's made of dreams that didn't come true
And I'm sorry, there's nothing more
That I can do"
Not all of Deer Tick's music is great. Some of it is pretty awful, actually. But, then there's the other bit part, which is legitimately good, and thoughtful, and rockin', and, in cases like "Dirty Dishes," poetic. The moan of frontman John McCauley works here.

True story:

A few years ago, Deer Tick played a free show in Chelsea, NYC. It was a free summer concert series that was meant to be really family friendly, but, apparently, Deer Tick aren't very good at the family friendly bit.
After drinking throughout, they were pretty hammered by the end of their set. It wasn't aggressive or fully inappropriate, but you definitely got the feeling that they weren't exactly putting on the show that the organizers wanted them to. At the very end, after a really awesome jam, as they were fading out and getting ready for the drums to come crashing down and signify the end of the show, McCauley yells out the requisite "Thanks for coming! We hope you enjoyed the show." Then, just when you thought they were going to escape without really offending anyone, he yells out, "FUCK MUMFORD & SONS!" and walks off the stage.
I love live music.

they good.
@jeff4122 yeah man, one of my college roomates/best friends turned me on to them a few years ago
@jeff4122 yeah, I have a weird love for singers with awful singing voices
@VinMcCarthy word up man! did you know them before?
I love Deer Tick. I love War Elephant. I love this card.