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Back when I was a teenager, soda was my life and I could easily drink 2 liters of the junk in one afternoon. Eating was important, but soda was important-er. I also thought that soda didn't have any calories -- so I was totally exempt from any weight yeah okay, Aly.
I was just as educated about nutrition as I was with math (I failed math like three times while I was in college). ;-/
Thankfully, I've gotten super edumacated about nutrition and I know that soda totally has calories, and that kale doesn't make you skinny. Anyway, moving on -- here are some ways you can stop drinking soda. :)

Try Not To Buy It

Just don't buy the stuff. If you don't have at your house, you're less likely to drink it. Sort of like if you have a beautiful pie of pizza bubbling with fresh cheese on your counter, you're gonna eat it. If you don't have it, you won't eat it. Same concept.
If you minimize the exposure you have with soda, you'll want it less. And in time, you might just forget that you were craving it.
You better take that soda out of your shopping cart, Coca-Cola princess.

Drink Less of It

If you have a bottle of soda every day, try to just drink half of it. Try to limit your soda consumption more and more each day. Also, switching out soda for water a day, may help. I'd also consider drinking at least a gallon of water a day to help keep hydrated and satisfied.
Be proactive and try to build up self-control.

Try Fruit-Infused Water

But when you stop having sugar-loaded drinks, your taste buds adjust after time. And you'll realize that soda and juice are overloaded with sugar, and you'll feel sick drinking them after you stop. Try healthier alternatives like lemon water, fruit-infused water, or homemade sugarless smoothies. They help curb some of those cravings and they taste really good!
Check out a fruit-infused water recipe card by @nokcha HERE!
It gets easier. It's starting that's the most challenging. .
If you have personally stopped drinking soda, what are some of the things you did to make the process easier or more achievable???
Just not buying it is the best advice, don't keep it in the house!
Thank you @shannonl5 wooow. I am so existing to try it
That's a great rec @alywoah that stuff is super incredible! @christy trust me if you try it you'll never look back, I made some this past week and she is so right!
Good! Let me know if you like the banana ice-cream.
Drinking lots of water is a really smart idea! If you're already full you won't want more. That might help people cut their consumption in half too- have a glass of water before you have soda so you end up drinking less. And reward yourself for little improvements (your health is reward enough but sometimes you need a reminder to help you reach your long term goals).
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