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I guess that makes everything official. Honestly didn't expect him to come back at all so I'm not surprised. SM doesn't like to announce leaves so they always say they're inactive or on hiatus (unless you're jessica and you make the announcement yourself lol). Even kris and luhan are still "inactive" as in still in exo I think they should just dissolve the subunits at this point it looks stupid with half the team on one side
I think that no matter how much we think we know, we'll never EVER get the full story thanks to SM secrecy, lawsuits, and other junk. That's why I always say rather than arguing about who is right and who is wrong, I just want these boys to finally be happy. This is their life DREAMS we're talking about! For them to finally get to where they wanted in life and then for various reasons we'll never understand they fall short - it's heartbreaking! I think we can all agree that no matter who, why, when, and how, I want all 12 of these boys to find satisfaction in their lives and to be as happy as possible since that is what everyone deserves. This is messy and sad and unfortunate but all we can do as fans is hope that once this storm is over, they're happy, healthy, and at peace. @kimjongdaily @veselovskayavic @nielswife
Honestly with the way SM treats their artists I think it's for the best, I'm still secretly hoping they'll all leave and sign somewhere that will treat them like people not money making machines
@kpopandkimchi u have a point. rite now basically it's us how is getting the enjoyment. they are probably going through a lot. I'm pretty sure they were all good friends. we just have to support them!!!
This is getting to be too much on the guys and the fans. I just hope for happiness for all the members.
@poojas @kpopandkimchi I agree with both of you guys. Even though it is sad to see these members leave, I hope these members are happy. But I also agree with @kimjongdaily. Just combine the rest of the EXO-M group together with EXO-K. It is sad to think about, but it really doesn't look all that cool to see half of EXO-M stand right next to all EXO-K members. Oh well. :/ :(
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