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If you remember the foil nail trend that took off a couple years ago, the trend is back with a twist.

The world of nail art has definitely took off over the last couple of years, giving you the option to dress up your nails to your liking. Introducing foil nail art -- it's trendy and artsy all in one. No longer the days of only using foil as a item in the kitchen, this is next level.

I mean, who doesn't love a pop of color on their nails?

Foil nail art gives you the option to incorporate some amazing designs and colors in just a few steps, with nothing more than a little bit of polish, foil paper and nail glue.

Simple Steps To Achieving Foil Nail Art

Step #1: Apply base coat and apply two coats of specific color. Let dry completely.
Step #2: Apply thin layer of nail glue to area of nail.
Step #3: Take foil and press onto glued area with the shiny side facing upwards.
Step #4: Repeat steps 2 & 3 to your liking.
Step #5: Apply clear coat and allow nails to dry. Voila!
Very nice! I like this! :) @jordanhamilton @alywoah
:D !!! @arios025
I've gotta pay someone to do my nails, because lord knows I am not crafty lol.
Glad you like it!!! @arios025
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