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Photographer Peter Nijenhuis [http://www.flickr.com/photos/peternijenhuis/] A picture of Ta Prohm Temple in Cambodia. It's so beautiful. I didn't get to see this when I was there, but I'll definitely have to make sure I get a chance to explore when I visit next time. [via Twisted Sifter]
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@YinofYang you have dogs? what breed are they? :)
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@torn745 I do! I have two dogs, both rescued from shelters. One is a female Bichon Frise (older of the two) and the other one is a male Lhasa Apso/something. No one is really sure what he is mixed with because he's definitely bigger than a Lhasa Apso. Maybe I'll post pictures of them some time. :D
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@YinofYang this is sooo nice but ....
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Is that moss?? Looks like a green pool. Amazing!
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