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1. Taylor Swift

Miss Taylor Swift is notorious for inviting her fans into her kitchen through Instagram. Swift just bought her Tribecca Apartment at 8,300 square-feet. Impressive huh? Well her boyfriend says that Swift can even cook on the grill coming from his recent post on Instagram. Her kitchen has a smooth brassy/copper color making guests feel warm and welcomed. White marble, exposed brick, and high wooden beams. Very pleasant to look at.

2. Denise Richards

Look at those windows! Definitely modern yet very homey. You can definitely tell that her design was incorporating traditional pieces such as the chandelier with more modern pieces like her island chairs. And is that a pizza oven I see? Fancy. But really, I just can't get over the windows giving a lot of natural light. And the black cabinets really bring out the colors in the flooring. Her house has been listed for $7.75 million accustomed with a tasting room and custom controlled wine walls!

3. Jason Derulo

Hmmm well not my favorite design. Definitely spacious, no doubt. Mr. Derulo seems to enjoy that very traditional looking kitchen. I do like the waterfall wall as a room separator. I would think he would have brought some chairs for guests to sit at the island but maybe he prefers they sit in a more formal space? This kitchen looks like it's so early 2000's, I'd rip it out if I were him. Though the home is $2.9 million, the only thing going for this kitchen is the Italian marble floors.

4. Martha Stewart

Wow! Doesn't this look like it came out of Pottery Barn? I actually really love it even though I would never want this for my own kitchen. it seems so fitting for Martha Stewart. The colors make it so inviting. I can already picture having breakfast here. It seems to take a very traditional and simple approach bringing in many elements of a farm house. You've got the farmhouse sink. And she's definitely going with this year's trend of exposed plates on her "cabinet" shelves. Stewart said that when she bought the Seal Harbor Maine estate, everything came included.

5. Bret Michaels

I adore this kitchen. It's just really nice without being really flashy. Its design was to take a Mediterranean style with custom dark wood cabinets. The house sits at $3.649 million and even has a breakfast nook off the kitchen. I think what really strikes me about this kitchen is that it still feels homey and you could camp out around the enormous island and have a glass of wine with your neighbors. Sometimes more normal kitchens are the best.

6. Sean Penn

Definitely unique, and definitely not my favorite. Personally I'm hating that tile but I'm sure there are so many people who love it. The house is $6.55 million and it looks like it's bringing some tropical charm to the kitchen. I have to admit that the cabinets being see-through and illuminated is unique but I just don't like the tile. It looks like puke green but it seems to be a nice open floor plan that carries on into the living room. At least there's a lot of nice natural light.

7. Joe Manganiello

I guess I would have expected more from the Magic Mike XXL star. This totally looks like an awesome Californian bachelor pad though. Definitely a dude's kitchen. Most likely the perfect place for entertaining guests with granite countertops, high end steel appliances and a wet-bar. It was also a nice dynamic to see a high top table to break up the different levels within the kitchen. The only con is that the floors are an ugly oak color and it needs more windows.

8. Demi Moore

Can we say WOW (maybe a bit too busy). I just want you to realize that this home is going for...are you ready for it... I really don't think you're ready... $75 MILLION DOLLARS! I know, you're thinking that's insane but Demi Moore doesn't think so. The kitchen has stone floors, a Viking range, and a double Sub-Zero fridge. Obviously there is plenty of counter space but I think $75 million is just far too much for a pent house overlooking Central Park no matter how spectacular the view is. And the kitchen looks nice but not THAT NICE.

9. Snooki

You know, this is exactly what I imagined Snooki's kitchen to look like. It's that dark wood look making the room feel grand. She's also got glass-front cabinets, a newly tiled backsplash, and a nice steel range. It looks like she took no time waiting to accessorize with plenty of jars, knick-knacks, and wine of course. I wish we could have gotten a larger view of the kitchen but from this view, it looks pretty decent.

10. Caitlyn Jenner

I just love this kitchen. Navy and White accents to offset the gorgeous wooden floors. It looks so fresh and clean and the view is just outstanding. It's got plenty of stainless steel appliances and look how huge that island is! She is one lucky woman to have a kitchen like this. Not only is Caitlyn Jenner feeling like a new woman, but she's also got a new kitchen to match. AHH I just really like this kitchen.
So what do you think, which kitchen is your favorite this week?
Now the question is, how many of them actually cook?
I was thinking the same thing @caricakes lol. Nonetheless, loved the card. Cool to see different rooms in celeb homes. You should do another kitchen based card like this next week!
Oh and Bret Michaels was my favorite
@caricakes Probably none. They have chefs on staff for that kind of thing :) lol