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The many sides of Lee Tae Hwan
Lee Tae Hwan is a singer in the 5-member group 5urprise, and he's also an actor. He is known for his roles in the K-dramas High School King and Pride and Prejudice. Watch him show off his many styles for this Allure photoshoot!
Look forward to more styles at K-Drama Star Style! ^_^
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@LinnyOk Hope you enjoy this one. I'm going to be posting to this collection daily now onwards. So let me know if there are any other actors/actresses you'd like to see :D
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His smile is amazing! (´ω`)
2 years ago·Reply
@StephanieDuong Isn't it?? I fell for him after watching High School King haha!
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@poojas he's truly got an awesome smile, can u do one on Kim jae joong, I know his away on military service or so but would love to see something on him and perhaps Lee joon ki
2 years ago·Reply
@LinnyOk Right? He's so handsome! And of course, Kim Jae Joong and Lee Joon Ki will be done this week :D
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