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They don't call it the emerald isle for nothing.

The thing with Ireland, is that you hear a lot about it, as far as European countries go. It has a storied part of American history as well as its own cultural history. Everyone has heard some stereotype about the people of Ireland and their descendants.
Most of them don't hold up. Sure, the Irish like their drinking, but not much more than anybody else. Look at Germany and beerfest. People talk about potatoes and Ireland a lot. I guess largely because of the famine, so basically it's a joke about the single worst event in the country's history.
One stereotype does ring true, though. Truer than true, even.
Ireland is green. Like, stunningly green. Even these pictures here, painstakingly scoured from the depths of Google, don't come close to doing the real hue any justice.
Sitting atop a field in Ireland a couple years ago, I felt more conencted to the land of my parents than any other time in my life. I'd been to the country a number of times before, but this time was different, in that I was 20 years old, and the most adult version of myself to ever be in the country.
I sat on top of a hill near Inchydoney Beach, Co Cork and even there on a foggy, rainy day with more ocean in front of me than flowing field, the green was still the most lush and vibrant green I'd ever seen in my life. The green of Ireland feels like the most fertile green, the most fulfilled the color can be.
Green wasn't, or isn't, even my favorite color. But it was then. And I imagine it will be again, next time I'm back.
Want a sense for the feeling? Listen to this song and look at those pictures. That's a taste of Ireland.