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Rumors have been flying around for weeks about a potential agreement between Selma director Ava DuVernayand Marvel, but it seems like the discussions are officially over. DuVernay will not be directing the upcoming Black Panther movie.
“I’m not signing on to direct Black Panther,” she said. “I think I’ll just say we had different ideas about what the story would be. Marvel has a certain way of doing things, and I think they’re fantastic and a lot of people love what they do. I loved that they reached out to me.”
Starring Chadwick Boseman, the film will be the first in the Marvel franchise starring a black superhero. The character has a rich history as a trailblazer: when he was introduced in 1966 he was one of the only nonwhite heroes. Introducing the character to the cinematic universe seems like a good step for Marvel, so why didn't DuVernay decide to join the team?
“In the end, it comes down to story and perspective. And we just didn’t see eye to eye. Better for me to realise that now than cite creative differences later.”
That sounds a lot like what Joss Whedon did when critics questioned the somewhat unintelligible plot of the recent release Age of Ultron. Marvel definitely has a formula, and it's worked so far. But how long until it becomes too predictable? Working with talented people such as DuVernay who might offer a new perspective could help resolve that problem. Maybe DuVernsy and Marvel were worried their ideas were too different from one another?