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Welcome to the first battle in Fantasy Kpop.

Today you'll need to choose who you think is the best leader in Kpop - boys or girls!
If you haven't added your Fantasy group to the list, you can do that here!

To be a great leader you have to be sure that:

You're really close with your members

and as the leader of the group, you're SUPER charming

You give your other members time to shine

Your fans are your babies

And even if your members are insane and all you can do is watch...

And they drive you crazy...

You're always there for them

Now it's time to vote for the best leaders of Kpop!

Leave your votes for each category in the comment section!

Here are the categories:

1. Best Aegyo?

2. Worst Dancer?

3. Best Relationship with Members?

4. Leader That Acts Like Maknae?

5. Best Solo Act?

Please include their name and group name please :)

If you vote twice, we'll only count your first vote - thanks!

We'll add up the votes on July 19 and will award each leader points so you can add them up for your team score!
1. vixx n (azelea boy ;D) 2. rap mon bts (have you seen his freaking twerk haha funny stuff) 3.g-dragon big bang 4. zico block b 5. sung kyu infinite
I'm voting GD for all of them because he's fabulous. Lol
Eunkwang (BTOB) Rapmon (BTS) JB (GOT7) Onew (SHINee) GD (BigBang)
1. N - VIXX :D 2. Onew - SHINee 3. TOP - Big Bang 4. Hanbin - IKON 5. Taeyang - Big Bang
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