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Losing weight can be super-duper complicated. Some people can seemingly lose weight within a snap of a finger, for others, it take grueling work. But one things for sure: fat loss takes more than just 5 situps a day and prayers to the muscle gods. You gotta work. It's going to be hard work -- and it should be.

Sit-Ups Challenges Aren't Very Helpful -

But try Cardio!

Although you leave the exercise with sore abs, you're not really burning a lot of fat with this exercise. An effective way to burning a lot of fat and scoring impressive abs would be in SPRINTING and cardio. No matter how many times you recycle the sit-up challenge, if you're not doing anything else with it, you're going to see very little to no results.
Cardio is your friend, honey. And if your cardio gets easier, make it more challenging. Add weights, seek out interval training workouts, jump rope, try out a more challenging cardio machine.
Check out cardio workout card by @nokcha HERE!

Tweak and Personalize Your Diet

When it comes to diet, you've got to constantly tweak it, or even visit a dietician to find out what will work best for fat loss, for YOU. Because everyone have different activity levels, bodies, weight, health issues, and dietary restrictions, tweaking your diet based on fitness/body goals can get complicated.
When I was losing weight, I constantly had to tweak my diet. Especially as I upped my activity level, I had to actually INCREASE my caloric intake to see any fat-loss results. I also ate a variety of foods like chicken, broccoli, bananas, cheeseburgers.

You're Looking For Shortcuts

Working out the lazy way can be the favored way, but if you're looking to really burn fat, you need to expend a lot more energy than you normally do.
The whole get fit "fast! By doing NOTHING!"
Will get you no results. None. Zilch. Nada.
We need to remember that as we workout, our bodies become used to the daily routine, it stops progressing. Look to increase the intensity in your workouts. You walked a mile today! That's awesome! But tomorrow, trying walking 2 miles. The next day, try walking 1.5 miles, and jogging the rest it.

Let's burn some fat -- the effective way!

Yeah I'm guilty of always trying to find the easy way out. But I'm not going to do that anymore. The only thing I really have a problem with is my diet cause I don't like veggies very much but its definitely something I'm working on, and this really helps.
this is awesome! i think the whole sit up, squat challenges are so annoying because it give people false hope that they will look like tumblr girls after they complete it, but offer no tips about a healthy diet or other workouts ARGGGG haha
i think with the whole veggie thing....u can always just stick to what u like. there are a lot of vegetables i don't like...i just eat other things!!!
yep! that's usually how it works -- temporary satisfaction. BLAHHH.
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