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It is time to create your fantasy group that will go on and battle other groups HEAD TO HEAD!
* You can mix your group with boys and girls (like having EXO's Suho be leader and Girl's Day's Hyeri be the random member!)
Leave your list in the comments and then we will have 6 battles to see who picked the strongest team^^
Here's what you need to pick:
1. Leader
2. Dancer
3. Main Vocal
4. Maknae
5. Rapper
6. Random (any member you wanted to add but didnt have room for with the other categories)

For example:

kpopandkimchi's FANTASY GROUP

1. Leader - Hakyeon (VIXX) 2. Dancer - Hoya (Infinite)
3. Main Vocal - Kyungsoo (EXO) 4. Maknae - Taehyun (Winner)
5. Rapper - Baro (B1A4)
6. Random - Sungjae (BTOB)


Battles begin JULY 16!
Leader - GD (BIGBANG) Dancer - Minzy (2NE1) Main Vocal - Lee Hong Ki (FTISLAND) Maknae - Jungkook (BTS) Rapper - Mino (Winner) Random - Suzy (Miss A) >.< I'm feeling really uneasy right now, there are a few others I really wanna include!! @kpopandkimchi Thanks for this stimulating challenge! It's super fun :D ❤
here's mine! can i have 2girls? Leader-G-Dragon(BIG BANG) Dancer- Min(Miss A) Main Vocals-D.O(EXO) Rapper-Suga(BTS) Maknae-BamBam(GOT7) RANDOM-jimin(AOA)
Through many inner conflicts I have come to my decision on my super group. this challenge was so hard because everyone in the kpop industry are extremely talented and they make one big super group. immm soorry to all my biases i didnt chose....i feel like i bretrayed them hahah especially leo... Leader: Sunggyu(infinite) Dancer: Taemin(shinee) Main Vocal: Ken(vixx) (unless jung joon young can be here..hes not in a grouo) Maknae: Zelo(bap) Rapper: Rap monster (bts) Random: Amber(F(X).. because amber goes perfectly anywhere cuz shes so friendly)
Hmmmm.... Leader: G-DRAGON(Big Bang) Dancer: Jhope (BTS) Main Vocals: Jonghyun (Shinee) Maknae: BamBam ( Got7) Rapper: Suga (BTS) Random: Dongwoo ( Infinite) ❤❤❤❤❤
Leader: GD Dancer: Jay park Main vocal: Onew Maknae: Taemin Rapper: bap Young Guk Random: Exo Xiumin I didn't really know how I was going to do this so I just choose them from what I thought were their strongest skills even though they have more that what they are set as
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