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have you guys seen his vids yet? ive been watching him for 6 years now. hes really weird and crazy but i love him so much. he has 5 channels Mychonny, Yourchonny, Chonnyday, Chonnygame, and kpopchonny. i can honestly say im probably one of his biggest fans. if you havnt checked him out yet plz do so. i think he is really funny. especially his kpop channel. he doesnt upload much on the though. this is one of my fave vids from him. i will continue to post about him and his new vids.
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He is awesome!
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My sisters and I LOVE HIM! And the video you posted is probably one of my favorites of his. And him dancing to his favorite kpop songs. (´ω`)
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@StephanieDuong I wish he would come out with other episodes with cool. that would be hilarious
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