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Donald Glover showed off his funny side in his role as Troy Barnes for five seasons of Community, and now he's taking his next big step into the world of comedy.
This time, he's mixing his two favorite things- comedy and music, in a show called Atlanta. The FX show will follow two cousins navigating the rap scene in Atlanta, and its cast was just announced a few days ago. Glover will star alongside Brian Tyree Henry (from Boardwalk Empire), Lakeith Lee Stanfield (from the film Dope) and Zazie Beetz (from the film Applesauce).
In addition to starring, Glover will write and executive produce the show, so he's got a lot riding on its success. Personally, I think the show stands a real chance. The combination of hip hop and comedy is something we haven't seen yet on a TV show.
Glover has real life experience with hip hop and a pretty unique comedic voice that should allow him to bring a fresh and honest perspective to the world of rap. I only hope he'll get Danny Pudi to guest star so we can reminisce about Troy and Abed's friendship.
I think this show will be a success. This makes me think of a hip-hop "Entourage" show based on your card.. which isn't a bad thing at all. I can't wait for this show to drop!
I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS he is so amazingly talented (he wrote all my favorite jokes on 30 rock) so I have no doubt he can handle this.
@allischaaff I totally agree and I think the combination of those two worlds is something we haven't seen much of before, so it'll be pretty unique!
This sounds like it could be really funny! He's an amazing writer. I really like how he flexes his writing muscle in both the rap and comedy worlds already; this will be a cool collision of the two!
Yeah @shannonl5 I agree, he can totally handle it! He's pretty talented comedically and musically so I can't imagine it not being good. @christianmordi oh yeah that's an interesting way to look at it, I hope it's something like that too, I love Entourage!
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