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In a special production, Jake Gyllenhaal graced the stage as Seymour Krelborn in "Little Shop of Horrors." As part of a two-night only production revival of the musical, an eclectic combo of actors performed the show together. Gyllenhaal transformed into the young nerd Seymour, a shop boy who unwilling adopts a man-eating plant.
Though I didn’t see the production myself. Reviews are all over about the cult-classic musical turned film, and here are the review results:
Gyllenhaal, who was given rave reviews for his dramatic acting on broadway in “Constellations,” was surprisingly good at singing. Though we all know that it was his famous actor appeal that may have won him the role.
The clear star of the production was the lovely and talented Ellen Greene, who played Audrey in all the early productions of the show (the first was in 1982), as well as the 1986 film. In a room full of theatre geeks, the audience clearly picked her as a favorite. And Suddenly! Everyone fell in love again.
Another stud from the show was Taran Killam (known mostly for being on SNL) who played the sadistic dentist, Orin Scrivello, DDS. Killam seems like the perfect amount of crazy to play this role. Bizarre weird dentist meets hilarious SNL actor? I’d sit in the audience any day for that.
As for the plant villain? In the first act, Anwar Kareem, a child actor played the adorable man-eating plant. In the second half the show the plant is performed by Eddie Cooper. Cooper, a large man, was the said to be the perfect fit for the large amount of sassiness needed for Audrey II.
Even after only two nights of shows, the audience buzzed about this ultimate revival show. Now if only the production was longer then two nights...I blame the plants.
I wish I got to see this when it came out, I wouldve paid a nice bit of change to see him in this role. I would love to see more cards like this with notice of when stars are hopping on Broadway
Hahahah oh man @shannonl5 that’s pretty hilarious actually. I would’ve probably done the same thing ..
I would never have expected Gyllenhaal to be such a talented Seymour (he's too good looking!) but I'm glad it sounds like he did an amazing job. Clearly he's very versatile. (Fun fact I served him food once and he is INTENSE... even when he's just picking out a sandwich).
Yeah, I think I’ll write one soon about him in Constellations @christianmordi! He actually did a phenomenal job I heard!
Haha yeah it was pretty uneventful. He was very polite and asked for my recommendations haha. The whole time I was thinking "did we go to school together, you look so familiar..." I felt like such a dork when someone told me after ><
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