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Looking for a new drama to watch? Every week, I'll be highlighting a few of my favorite K-dramas and talking about why they are worth a shot. Hope you find your next K-drama here! ^_^
What's the drama? Park Kae In is a clumsy and impulsive furniture designer that lives in a modernized traditional Korean house designed by her father, a famous architect. When a dramatic event happens in her life, she decides never to trust men again. Around this same time, architect Jeon Jin Ho is trying to research the famous house that Kae In lives in. Kae In would never allow him to be a roommate but through some misunderstanding, he is assumed to be gay and he continues to not deny it in order to gain a spot in the house. Jin Ho tries to change the clumsy, tomboy Kae In and ends up falling for her in the process. How will their relationship work out?
Why is it great?
1. Lee Min Ho
Alright, let's be real. Lee Min Ho is probably one of the first K-drama star many people see because Boys Over Flowers is such a popular first K-drama to watch. And while I'm not a huge fan of the guy, his acting is pretty solid and he is definitely good looking. If you're a Lee Min Ho fan, this is definitely a must-watch since his character is unlike any other he's played before.
2. The awkward chemistry
Think about this. The guy is basically misunderstood to be gay while trying to get a sublet in the house. And he kind of ignores it/rolls with it so as to not bother or worry Kae In and get the research about the house done. On the other hand, Kae In is slowly falling for this guy who she knows would never be interested in her. Yet, they become the best of friends and do cute things for each other. It doesn't get more awkward or entertaining than that.
3. The roommate comedy
Forgetting the romance aspect of this entire drama, Kae In and Jin Ho are great roommates. He tries to fix her slob tendencies and disorganization and she tries to get him to loosen him up a bit more. And if you've ever wondered what it would be like to have Lee Min Ho as a roommate, this drama is probably the best way for you to find out!
4. The cheese
I am not a huge fan of cheesiness but K-dramas get pretty cheesy most of the time (I'm conflicted, don't question it, haha). But I really liked the cheese in this drama. Jin Ho's character leads to the significant growth of Kae In's character and vice versa and it happens in the best way possible. I felt like a lot of the growth was about deep emotional concepts that most K-dramas don't usually focus on and for that reason, it's a great watch!
5. Did I mention this dude already?
I did, right? Even if you're not a Lee Min Ho fan or if you think he's overrated, this drama might change your opinion of him.
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Here's the first episode of Personal Taste!
@mistymaity I loved "faith" alto its a really good drama
yes, I have seen it even though I'm new to kdramas since about 4 months ago. I've seen it and I loved it. it always made me laugh, especially when the one guy actually pretended to be gay around them. It was to funny. But it also made me cry. I felt I needed to watch this because Boys Over Flowers was my second kdrama that I ever watched and I immediately fell in love with Lee Min Ho and wanted to watch some of his other dramas.
Oh yes @poojas & it was good! This one was my 3rd k-drama. I watched it while I was waiting for his another drama "Faith" to download. I also liked "Faith" a lot!
Personal Taste is one of those must watch dramas of Lee Min Ho :)
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