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Annyeong!! My name is Allison, I am from the USA and I live In Miami. I'm 18 and In august I will be 19. Kpop for me is more than just loving it ; its my lifestyle (I must drive my family nuts!!) I have been into kpop for about 8 years now, since 2008. I started watching kdramas way before I got into kpop. Kdramas were my introduction into my kpop craze. My first kpop groups were big bang and shinee and from there it has grown. Right Now my favorite groups are these: * BTS (Jimin, Suga) * EXO (Baekhyun) * Big Bang (GD) * Vixx (Ravi, Leo) * Got7 (Mark) * Shinee (Onew) and alot more!!! I can totally say I bias boy groups more than girl groups. But some that I listen to are: * f(x) (Sulli) * 2ne1(Minzy) * AoA (Choa) * exid (LE) * Miss A (Suzy) It took me awhile to write my kpop intro because I can be shy sometimes but I decided to just do it and make friends. I dont have alot of friends that are into kpop. That's why im doing this to enjoy kpop and to meet amazing people that have alot in common with me. Thank you guys for taking the time to read this. Add Me: (if you want!! ^^) * Snapchat: byunniie * Kakaotalk: byunniie - currently making a twitter and line :)
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@Byunniie Yay, haha. Thank you! Totoro is awesome! <3
@poojas Your welcome!! Im obsessed with everything studio ghibli <3
@Byunniie Same! Howl's Moving Castle is my favorite! :D
@poojas OMO!! same Howl's Moving Castle was the first studio ghibli movie I watched and then its was spirited away. :p
Wow I feel so connected and understood in this community, I've never had this much in common with people, other than my sister who got me introduced to kpop! ♡