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Tools and Materials:

Concrete mix
One extra-large bowl for exterior mold (use an 18" punch bowl from party supply)
One large bowl for interior mold (use a 15" salad bowl from restaurant supply)
Non-stick cooking spray
Paint brush
Large bucket for mixing
Medium-duty masonry trowel
Proper safety gear for working with concrete:
3M Tekk Protection N95-rated dust mask for sanding and grinding
Safety glasses or goggles
Refinishing or work gloves
Plastic or reusable drop cloth
Heavy objects such as exercise weights (or you can use rocks)
Sandpaper in coarse and fine grits
Gel fireplace fuel canisters
Replacement grill grate (like a 14 1/2" diameter)
Fire safe decorative stones
Safety is TOP PRIORITY guys, so wear proper gear to protect your eyes, skin, and respiratory system.Go for a N95 valved dust mask for sanding and grinding, and long sleeves and refinishing gloves to protect your arms and hands. For the eyes, opt for Breaking Bad-style safety goggles. If it's good enough to protect them, it's good enough for you too.
Spray the INSIDE of the largest bowl and the OUTSIDE of the smaller bowl. This is so that the bowls release from the concrete without a lot of bitchery. Spray evenly. Don't skimp and obviously, NEVER skip this step! You've been warned!
Think wet and thick COOKIE BATTER! You know that texture? That's what you're looking for. Start with about 1/3 bag of concrete and add water until you get hungry for cookies!
Fill the inside bowl about half way. Next you want to press the smaller bowl into the larger bowl. This will force the concrete to rise up the sides. Trowel the rest of the concrete inside to finish the side walls. Fill the smaller bowl with heavy objects like rocks to keep it weighted in place.
*If you need to take out the bowl and start over, that's fine, just make sure you clean off the bowl, reapply spray and do again.
Don't worry about the device in this picture. If you can find an object or a tool that vibrates, just pressing it against the outer bowl will generate enough friction in the bowls to eliminate air bubbles!
After about 48 hours you can release the moulds. With a RUBBER hammer, GENTLY tap around the outer bowl to release it. Do the same by tapping the inside of the top bowl. Now, THIS IS HEAVY, so you will need your boyfriend or a friend to help.
And while your boyfriend is out helping you with the heavy labor, INSPIRE him to put on the safety mask and goggles so that HE CAN FINISH sanding with first medium then fine grit sand paper. You want it smooth and any rough parts smoothed over.
Find a cute place in your backyard to set this up. Be smart and put it in a safe spot--NOT INSIDE OR UNDER A COVERING!! Add three cans of gel fuel canisters. These can be found anywhere like a recreational center, pool supply or even a professional lumber store.
Add a 14 1/2" charcoal grate--what's used for the charcoal in a grill--not a grill grate. They are different!!
Fill with FIRE SAFE rocks--trust me, you don't want rocks randomly exploding because of the heat!
Light it up at dusk and enjoy summertime nights with you friends and family! For $40 in materials, you can't beat this project!
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