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₩uNo(우노) @bkgo123 Rapper&producer
Awesome, I love Taewoon!!! Sorry ₩uNo(우노) ^^ @PassTheSuga you see this yet? :)
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₩uNo(우노) New name.... fresh start....I can dig. I like 👍 @MattK95 I really need to thank you for introducing me to the amazingness that is WuNo. He's quickly becoming one of my favorites. Ive had his mix tape on replay as of late.
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@PassTheSuga you're welcome!!! He is one of my favorite rappers in any language!!!!!! I'm currently listening to his mixtape right now XD I love it! I realise it's probably the wrong time of night to be fanmanning... Oops XD
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Any hour is FANMAN O'CLOCK.....Lol don't forget that @MattK95
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@PassTheSuga point taken XD
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