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When you're shopping for salad fixings, it's so easy to grab a bag of pre-packaged greens that have been washed and prepared for you – but you might be paying more for that convenience than you think.
These are actual numbers taken from a shopper's recent experiment over at The Simple Dollar. It can be tempting to shop based on convenience, but who wants to pay $2.60 for someone else to cut and wash your lettuce?
Shop smart this week, and buy a head of romaine instead of the pre-chopped stuff. It takes less than three minutes to cut, wash, and store when you get home!
@TerrecaRiley @CarolynCobb @Danidee Thought you guys might like this one! :) What do you think? Got any other tips for saving money on groceries?

Pro-Tip To Keep Greens Fresh for 10 Days or More:

Line a large sealable container with paper towels. Fill with lettuce that you've washed, chopped, and patted dry. Add another layer of paper towels. Seal and store in the refrigerator.
For more savvy shopping tips, check out my card on 8 Ways to Eat Healthy and Save $$$.
Thanks @allischaaff for reminding me why taking shortcuts at the grocery store (like buying pre-washed greens) probably isn't worth the extra money!
You can probably find a head of lettuce for cheaper. In Florida, I can find them for 99 cents. Buuuut yeah, it definitely depends where you live.
that tip for keeping the lettuce fresh was great. Def going to give that a try. I must admit, I am one of those people who grabbed the bag instead of the head of lettuce. I will give your way a shot though
Pricing here is somewhat like in the states-it depends in where you shop. The country areas are more expensive than the town areas but everything is cheaper in and near Kingston. Where we are living now is cheaper than where we both grew up. This is causes by shipping conditions, whereas things are unloaded at the warf in Kingston which makes it cheaper for delivery in and around this parish. It costs a bit much to deliver shipment from Kingston to other places far from the Kingston.Whew! that's a lot, I how it's clear...
@allischaaff thank you for thinking of me. So sweet of you. I'll be looking out for that card. I am grateful
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