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I absolutely love their comeback song, but the best part is the choreograph. They use wheelies.
@panopticlove I don't think you can fathom how jealous I would be if you did get a signed copy... Still I hope they can increase in popularity, my honest opinion is that they are one of the absolute best boy groups in K-Pop! And I hope Taewoon's solo career can finally lift him out of Zico's shadow, he's so freakin talented :)
@MattK95 I love their new song too. Kio fits perfectly with the group and I feel bad saying this but I believe Speed may do better now. Taewoon is amazing and I love him but he's great solo and producing music. I'm hoping Speed attends Meet & Greet later this month so I can get a signed album from them.
Why is this not on itunes in Australia yet?!!!! I love this song soooo much, I do miss Taewoon... Sorry ₩uNo from the group but this is still awesome ^^ guess I'll just have to buy the hard copy album, oh well XD \(^o^)/