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Part of not wanting to spend time outside comes from not having a pretty outdoor area to begin with. That's all changing this summer! My mom and I are totally revamping the outdoor space to make it enjoyable and the place to be this summer! It's all part of the Vingle My Summer series of diy projects and ideas to have the bestest summer ever!

Pillow 1

Outdoor pillows need to be weather proof or protected from the elements, which is why the best idea is to invest in "outdoor use" pillow inserts. However, these are hard to find! You can order them online, however.

Pillow 2

If you're in a bind and don't have time for ordering pillow inserts that are weatherproof here is a great second idea. Simply buy or use whatever pillow insert you want and then cover it with a plastic trash bag. Put the pillow inside the bag and roll plastic edge. Staple the edge or use secure duct tape.

Pillow 3

This is the ultimate upcycle method for getting your pillows done. Use the millions of plastic carry-out bags as pillow stuffing. You won't have to buy anything, reducing your carbon footprint and you'll prevent tons of bags from going to the garbage heap!
Celebrate the great outdoors in a clean, new and fresh way this summer! Enjoy!