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Kim Kardashian loves to take it overboard when speaking about Kanye West.
Last week Kim graced the cover of Rolling Stone. During the feature interview, Kim K discussed the impact Kanye has had on her life from a creative standpoint. Apparently Kanye was the one who thought of the idea for her book upcoming book, Selfish. ”He’s been really helpful and beneficial for my career. Always giving me his opinion… which I really value and he knows I value it, so I don’t really question his opinion. It just seems to work for our relationship.”
The high praise from Kim didn’t end there, according to the reality television star, “there’s no one more creative” than ‘Ye and “no one that really gets the relevancy of pop culture [more].”
Kim may want to clear this statement up a bit. Kanye is ONE of the most creative people of this era. He is not THE most creative person of this century. One could argue Stevie Wonder is the most creative musician of our time. You could also say that Ralph Lauren is more creative than Kanye West.
I love Kanye, but Kim may have stepped a bit far on that one.