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I know we were supposed to leave pranks behind in middle school, but they're tons of fun, so why should we?? Comedian Nathan Fielder is the ultimate prankster on the Comedy Central Show, Nathan For You.
Every week, Nathan visits a struggling small business to give them fake (and really bad) marketing and product advice, then helps them to implement it. The results, as you can imagine, are hilarious. A perfect example comes from the pilot episode, in which he convinces a struggling frozen yogurt shop to begin selling "poo flavored ice cream" as a marketing tactic.
At first, it might sound a bit mean to the business owners, but the creators have done a great job at making the situation itself funny, instead of making jokes at the expense of the business owners.
Also, Nathan's really great at making fun of himself, so the focus isn't always on pranking the business owners. In another great episode, Nathan creates his own business, a fake reality show similar to the The Bachelor. He thinks he's bad at meeting women so he invites ten women on the show and tries to get to know them a little better in his satirical search for true love.
Nathan For You has received awesome reviews, but I don't think many people even know about it yet. In my opinion, it's one of Comedy Central's most underrated shows.
Anyone who loves a good prank (honestly, doesn't everyone??) should tune in to the third season of Nathan For You when it premieres later this year.
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The editing of this series is gold. Fits really well with the style.
This might be my favorite TV show of all time. The Exorcism one is GOLD
I know @drwhat it's awesome. I read an interview that said they have to do tons of takes because Nathan and the crew are trying so hard not to crack up! I can't blame them haha
I'll have to check it out. I was working at Starbucks at the time, and it was all any of my co-workers and customers would talk about!
Yep @danidee that's him! I'm pretty sure he does an episode about it. He is the king of pranks.
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