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My favorite way to spice up any dressy outfit is to add glitter. I love glitter. But I don't love how glitter seems to never stay where it's supposed to stay. This tutorial gives a glitter umph to a basic pair of heels and the materials keep the glitter where it's supposed to be: on the heels. This tutorial comes from the folks over at Style Me Pretty.
The first thing you are going to need for this project is a pair of simple one-colored pumps. If you don't already have a pair, you can easily find them at many department or shoe stores (here, here and here are also some options). Make sure you get a pair that have a substantial platform so you have enough space to put the glitter. The other materials you will need are glitter, clear-drying mod podge, a foam paint brush, masking or painter's tape, clear sealer, Krylon "Glitter Blast" and a large bowl. You can find all of these materials (other than the shoes) at a local arts and craft or hardware store.
Take some masking or painter's tape and line the area you want you glitter. You want to protect the rest of the shoe from the craziness of glitter so make sure you take care putting the tape in a straight line around the platform of the shoe. Next, paint on the mod podge with the foam paint brush. Sprinkle the glitter onto the mod podge, allowing the excess glitter to fall into the bowl beneath the shoe. Shake off any loose glitter. After the mod podge has dried, apply the Krylon glitter blast (to give your shoes extra sparkle) and sealer to the platform area to seal in the glitter so that it doesn't go everywhere when you wear your shoes.
You can play around with which part of the shoe you want to glitter. It's totally up to you!