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Sewing machines don't scare me as long as it's already threaded and whatever I need to sew is a straight line! Are you feeling me? If so, you are going to eat this project up! It's super easy, the stitches are straight and you will only be sewing for a couple minutes. That's it!
Choose some cute outdoor safe fabric in 2/3 yard for one pillow. If you are going to make two pillows then you will need 1 1/4 yards of fabric. Of course, if your pillows are larger than 19" then you will need to adjust your yardage. Make sure you have some cute fabric-only scissors too! Dull scissors KILL ME!
All pillow covers should be a finished size that is one inch smaller all the way around than the pillow insert that you will be using. my 20 inch pillows will need to have a finished case that is 19 x 19. Cut your fabric into one 19 1/2" square (for the front of the pillow) and two rectangles that are 19 1/2" x 12" (for the back of the pillow).
Lay out the two back pieces, wrong side up. fold over once 1/2" and sew. Fold over again 1/4" and sew. Do this with each of the two pieces.
Place the front piece down, right side up. Place the back pieces over the top, right side down. Pin and sew, leaving 1/2 inch seam allowance. Adjust the seam allowance to ensure that your finished case will be about 1" smaller than the pillow insert you will be using all the way around.
Trim the corner pieces, being careful not to cut into the stitches. This will make the corners of the pillows look like real points and not lumps.
Stuff your pillows and enjoy reading a juicy novel outside this summer! Not sure what to stuff your pillows with? Check out these three ideas here!