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I LOVE Italian grandmothers. Maybe this is something of a sweeping generalization, but growing up in North Jersey, I loved my friends' Italian grandmothers because they always told it like it was. You knew what they were thinking, and they were always willing to give you some honest (albeit blunt) advice.
Needless to say, this video of Italian grandmas trying Olive Garden for the first time begins exactly how I'd expect - with a visibly unimpressed grandmother going:

"Who the f**k made this? This is Eggplant Parmesan?!"

Watch the video above to see some authentic Italian grandmothers try some not-so-authentic Italian food.
Also lol @nicolejb she was hating on that ravioli so hard. Meanwhile, the other grandmas were just shoveling it in.
"Disss is NOT ravioli...” lol best part!
Your analysis is on POINT @jlee37
Let's put the grannies into categories: 1: potty mouth granny 2: confused 4 year old granny 3: I tried it and it sucks grannies 4: who cares?! It's freaking food oh my god I love it grannies
@MattK95 I feel like those two grandmas were just like "FREE FOOD!!!!!!!!!" And omg, now I want spaghetti. I love when I work somewhere where everybody feels like family. It makes me never want to leave because work never really feels like work!
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