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Well, I bet you didn't see this coming.
The Mets took it to the Dodgers this weekend in Los Angeles, setting off what will surely be a critical month on the right foot. Granted, it included another sub-par outing from the inconsistent Matt Harvey, but there are so many positives.


Flores goes 10-13 in the series? He'll be an All Star next year. Let's just put Steven Matz in the Hall of Fame now and save ourselves the trouble. While we're at it, we should probably sign him to a 20-year contract. Familia got robbed of his spot in the All Star game this year; he's the best closer in the league. What do we need David Wright for? This lineup can get it done. Murphy keeps hitting, Tejada figures his shit out and is able to bat over .260 for the rest of the year, and the Mets get it done in July.

Pathetic pessimism

Even a broken clock is right twice a day. This weekend was a series of flukes. Flores has never hit like that, and he won't continue. Duda still sucks, and Lagares needs surgery. Plus, what's wrong with Harvey? It's concerning. Maybe the surgery just didn't do the trick for him that it does for so many others... I'm nervous. A midweek series with the Giants will put us back in our place.


This was a great weekend. The bats woke up, the pitching was, all-in-all, really good (Syndergaard was very solid again on Friday, and Harvey was really the only blip). Harvey will be fine - it's no walk in the park coming back from Tommy John, and he was always going to struggle a bit. Flores will regress to the mean, but he can hit, and if he can sustain a run for a few weeks, it'll go a really long way in making this team competitive. Oh, yeah, and Murphy is the best. I love that dude. We'll be fine against the Giants - though I do fear the ghosts of Angel Pagan.
It is a good time to make a move, but I'm not sure there's a move to be made. At least, not one that really warrants giving up one of the young arms. I've seen some buzz today about a possible move for Gerardo Parra, who wouldn't warrant any of the young fellas. He's a solid outfielder on a team that is definitely selling. I like the fit
mid-season move will be needed if they want to make the push. Was listening to ESPN radio and they were talking about now being the time to strike if the Mets want to make a push.. Next year isn't promised, we can't say for sure that the Nats will get off to a slow start again in 2016. I say they move one of these arms and get a strong bat. Set the tone for a strong off-season