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The viral videos '100 Years of Beauty' shows just how drastic style changes from decade to decade can shape society's look. They have now covered multiple countries and continue to produce new videos frequently. If there's anything that viewers have gathered from watching these videos is that makeup and beauty standards for women have been predominantly influenced by cultural events during the time period. Many things such as war, rebellion, and influences from other cultures has spread to other nations. It's amazing how every country has had similar looks throughout each decade with just slight differences particular to their own country.
You have to watch these quick and interesting videos!

USA : Nina

Favorite Decade: 1950s
Worst Decade: 1980s
Most Iconic Decade: 2000s Grunge Look inspired by Avril Lavigne
Unique Decade Characteristic: 1920s Heart Lip
Similar Trends: 1970s and 2010s have similar glam look, longer flowing hair, simple makeup

USA : Marshay

Favorite Decade: 1960s
Worst Decade: 1910s or 2000s
Most Iconic Decade: 1990s Dreads
Unique Decade Characteristic: Hair pieces from 1920s through 1950s common
Similar Trends: 1970s and 2010s have the same afro style

Iran : Sabrina

Favorite Decade: 1960s
Worst Decade: 1910s
Most Iconic Decade: 1980s introduced full burka, no individuality
Unique Decade Characteristic: 2000s green paint to show uprising and need for peace
Similar Trends: 1970s only continuation of 1960s bold makeup

Korea : Tiffany

Favorite Decade: 1960s or 2000s (South)
Worst Decade: 1990s (South), Every Year (North)
Most Iconic Decade: 1950s when style changed drastically between North and South
Unique Decade Characteristic: North Korea remains boring and neutral
Similar Trends: 2010's exaggerated glam of 2000s (South)

Mexico : Reyna

Favorite Decade: 2010s
Worst Decade: 1920s
Most Iconic Decade: 1950s the most classic and toned down decade
Unique Decade Characteristic: 1910's militaristic and masculine styling
Similar Trends: Strong American influence in each decade's style

Philippines : April

Favorite Decade: 1960s
Worst Decade: 1950s
Most Iconic Decade: 2010s most glam and vibrant strong features
Unique Decade Characteristic: Skin color changing throughout decades
Similar Trends: Following the worldwide flat hair trend in the 1990s

India : Trisha

Favorite Decade: 2010s
Worst Decade: 1970s or 1980s
Most Iconic Decade: 1990s coloring on widows peak parting of hair
Unique Decade Characteristic: The Bindi changes colors and designs over the decades
Similar Trends: Hand designs of the 1960s turned into Henna in 2010s

Russia : Anya

Favorite Decade: 1940s, 1950s, or 1960s
Worst Decade: 1980s
Most Iconic Decade: 1940s World War II styling
Unique Decade Characteristic: 1970s fur hat
Similar Trends: Many wars and rebellions causing trends of masks with 'Pussy Riot'
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I will always be in love with the 40's swing style