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News Flash: If your twenties are the most important years of your life, then (by your logic) the later 7 decades of your life are going to totally blow right? Because our twenties are the critical 10 years that decide weather or not you'll be successful, married, a parent, rich, happy... What a load of shit. I reject any idea that tells me that because I didn't take that lame internship, didn't take any old job that came up, or didn't major in what would have lead to some type of good paying job, my life is completely doomed, not exactly for failure, but for mediocracy. Which is worse... Heaven Forbid.
Your twenties are the best years, but not because they are important to achieve success in the workplace. Honestly, I guess that would be cool, but at this point I couldn't care less about a strict 10 year plan to solidify my place as a CEO. You're twenties rock because you are legal to do everything fun (drinking, traveling, gambling, sex), and you will have money to do it all! So stop wasting your twenties wondering if you are doing it right, and do these things instead!
1. Travel Yeah you'll have to have some shit jobs, but who cares that you have to serve overweight assholes at the local Appplebees if it means you'll able to travel every 3 months? Every side of fries is a few extra bucks in your travel fund. And traveling in your twenties is the BEST TIME! You're young enough to still have the ability to last all night, down shots and embrace the freedom of other countries; yet you are old enough to choose where you go and just book the ticket. No asking for permission anymore. #freedom.
2. Date or Don't Who Gives a Shit Dating in your twenties is awesomely weird and fun! You met a ton of new people (since you better still be going out), so give the guy with the dragon tattoo at the bar a chance. If it isn't true love, who cares? You are no more worse off because you went out. On the flip side, your twenties need to stop being looking at as the final lap before either marriage or spinsterhood. If you aren't worried about your fertility clock (and I really hope you aren't) then no one else should be! Enjoy being in and out of love, there is a wonderful independence to be found in both.
3. Stop sweating your "dream job" So you don't know exactly what you want to be when you're 20, most people don't and thats ok! Throughout your life you will mostly change, or add, new passions. So stop thinking that if you don't get your "dream job" right away you will become a waste of space, using up all the air more productive members of society could be using. Take a deep breath. You will figure it out. Not having a plan gives you so much freedom! You can try out numerous different jobs and find the one that suits you. As long as your work ethic is strong and you are proud of the work that you complete, you will be just fine. PS. Your dream job is what makes you happy. There will always be someone to hate on that. Ignore them, they suck.
4. Just stop being in such a rush to grow up Remember all those times when we were younger and were praying time would hurry up and make us teenagers or 21? And now we wish we could go back? Now imagine how we are going to feel when we hit 30. Quit rushing to grow up and enjoy the craziest time off your life! And for the people that say you are wasting your 20s....well they probably wasted theirs, so you can just ignore them.
@alliscaaff, thank you! I will definitely keep your advice in mind :) It's been an interesting journey and I keep discovering more things that I like. I will continue to explore and grow. I don't think it'll ever stop :)
Lol!! @LizArnone why wait for your 30s to eat lots of wine and cheese?? :D Happy birthday soon, @chandnip804 ;D I'm sure 30s are an amazing time, because you're finally starting to figure out who you are and what makes you happy! My advice is to love yourself, do things for yourself, and let that love flow from the inside out :)
@lizarnone, I'll try not to! Thank you! :) And I don't really wine and cheese. Lol!
@rodiziketan that comment is an honor!!! Deff live your life exactly how you want!! It's the only way to make sure you are happy and you seem to know exactly what you are doing!!
Okey, so I'm gonna be 21 in about a week, and this is a card I'm gonna present to all my friends and family. 1. Traveling is my thing. I do it a lot. I spent all my money and free time on it. 2. I am so against relationships, because life tought me a very important lesson, so parents... stop convincing me I need a partner. 3. I have so many ambitions and wishes about my dream job, but I don't have time for that. I am going to travel. Alone, parents. 4. A lot of people say I'm such a kid. But that's what I love about myself, if you don't, go to work and leave me in my fortress made of blankets. Drop the mic, and thank you for this card 馃憣
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