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Overhead presses, also known as shoulder presses, or military presses, are an awesome exercise for a powerful upper body. You may do this exercise with either a barbell, or even with dumbbells. For this card, I'll show you how to properly perform this exercise using those oh-so-scary barbells (they are not scary, I kid).
This exercise primarily targets the shoulders, but triceps and other muscles are also worked. For this exercise, your core and legs are also used for stability. You want to keep your core tight and your feet planted firmly to the ground.
If this your first time doing this exercise, you'll want to keep the weight light so you can learn the the movement before really digging into a heavier weight. Ready? OK!

Some Things to Keep in Mind:

1) Don't arch your back. You want to keep your spine neutral and stabilized.
2) Don't ignore shoulder issues. It something doesn't feel right, stop the exercise. You may be doing the exercise slightly incorrect, or you may have shoulder issues. You don't want to injure yourself -- it's not worth it.
3) Don't push the bar in front of your body. You want the bar to travel straight up. You may also slightly move your head back as the bar is traveling up/down, if you need to. Reference the video.
If you prefer to do these sitting down, here's how they look like. You'll want to make sure you're seated in a way that will support your back.
Time to shoulder press, and then flex in front of the gym mirror. You got this! ;)