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Sooo I've been away lately of haven't posted any card, all of this was because I was trying different things on my hair in ordor to get an ashy blond, here are the things I tried some worked and some didn't some made my hair worst haha, enjoooy
First things first 1 I applied bleach on my hair and because I was so afraid it would damage my hair I washed it really quickly (I didn't apply it to all my hair I took just few sections) The bleach madey hair go : some parts orange, some brown and some platinum blonde BIG FAIL
Then : I didn't find any toner sooo I looked up some "DIY Hair toner from food coloring" the thing is you mix red and blue food coloring to get a dark purple, you mix it with some hair conditioner and you apply it to your hair to take off brassiness from your hair BIIIIIG FAIL! it made my hair go purple (I took this picture from Google because I forgot to shoot how my hair looked like)
After that I figured that my hair needs something to nourish it so I mixed : One mango one avocado Two btsp of olive oil Two tbsp of Johnson baby oil (the green one ) This made my hair soft so finnaly something worked haha
But I was still stuck with brassy hair :( So, I went to look for a hair toner but didn't find it again! what I found was Loreal paris hair dye "Ashy blond 7.1" I have never applied hair dyes by myself but this L'Oreal was so easy with a tube so smooth to apply IT WORKED LIKE A MIRECAL and thanks to the bleach I got : Ashy highlights plus ashy reaaaally light brownish blond !!!! I looooove the result, the smell, my hair got so smooth and just looooovely
TARAAAAAAAAAAAAA here's how my hair looks now (I'm sorry my face looks pale cuz I didn't put any make up on )
@HairConfetti aaaaw thank you :D I'll go check out your card
Glad to see you back and don't worry about not wearing makeup. You're a fresh face beauty. I actually written a card on DIY Toner to remove brassiness. Check it out here -->