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I wanted to surprise my fiance with a hammock for when he goes camping this summer. And NO, I am NOT going camping with him. Too many spiders. Besides, it's a boys trip. With this hammock, he is going to be the envy of every guy going because not only will the others not have one, I am betting that none of their wives/girlfriends are making one for them! This girl knows how to keep a man!!!!

You need:

3 yards of canvas or home decor-type fabric that is 60" wide.
5 yards of 1 inch webbing strap
matching thread
2 climbing carabiners metal clips
Fold over the raw edges and sew a hem.
Fold each end over 5 inches and pin.
Along these two 5 inch folds you need to sew straight lines lengthwise. The first line should be 1 1/2 inches down from the fold. Sew several lines, about 7-10 to reinforce it.
First cut the webbing into four pieces: two pieces about 2 feet long. For the long tree straps, cut the rest of webbing directly in half.
Next, you need to fold over each end to create loops and sew an X and a box in each strap to reinforce it.
When you're ready to enjoy, thread the 2-foot straps into the 1 1/2" channel at each end of the hammock. Next, thread the tree straps through each end. Use your metal carabiner clips to secure everything to the tree.
To make some cute pillow covers for your hammock, click here!
Yes. Thank you so much! How does it bunch together at the ends? And thank you for pinning this. I want to try to make one for my father:)
I think more pictures would help me with this project thank you for postibg this
I think a few more pictures would help me understand the part after the cutting of the webbing.
I couldn't find any more pics for this. I am really sorry that this diy was confusing. :(
OH I am so sorry that it was confusing @lvplus2 I am going to see if I can get more pictures and update this for you. Was that the only confusing part?