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The Spurs looked like they were on their last leg during the playoffs. San Antonio was pushed out of the postseason in the first round this year by the Los Angeles Clippers. For the first time in over a decade, the Spurs looked old. They were slow and lacked a bounce in their game. The Spurs needed to bring in a big free agent this year before the wheels fell off.
Pop and the Spurs shocked the world this off-season. San Antonio grabbed the biggest free agent this off-season, Lamarcus Aldridge. With the addition of Lamarcus to the lineup, the Spurs are set to make a deep run at the NBA title in 2016.
The Spurs needed an extra punch in the frontcourt. Tim Duncan is entering his twilight years and needs someone to help with the workload down low. Aldridge is that guy. Offensively, Aldridge has one of the best post games in the NBA. He has deep repertoire of moves and is a strong finisher. Lamarcus is also great in the pick and roll/pick and pop. His ability to play the efficiently away from the rim will allow Duncan more room to operate.
Defensively, Aldridge has all of the tools to make this team better as well. At 6’11, Lamarcus has the length to deter passes in the lane. Aldridge is quick on his feet, which makes him great in pick and roll defense.
The Spurs have a tough road ahead of them. In order to make a deep run, they will have to go through Oklahoma City and the Golden State Warriors. This would be impossible if they rolled out the same unit from last year, but by adding a top 20 player to their roster, the Spurs have a chance to go all of the way.
Maybe Timmy, like David Robinson can go out with a ring in style.