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The South Carolina legislature is expected to meet today to decide the fate of the Confederate flag that flies on state grounds.
In light of the June 17 massacre of nine people at Emanuel A.M.E. Church in Charleston, it’s a heated topic in the state.
And people have a lot to say about the flag. Here are some quotes taken and elaborated from either side:

"Keep the Flag!”

“There’s nothing racial about it, this is about preserving history.”
“The flag didn’t kill anybody. It was a deranged young man who did.” -Mr. Thrasher
“Let it wave as an example of the past, and a reminder of how far we’ve come."

“Get Rid of the Flag!”

“It represents racism.”
“The man that killed those at Emanuel A.M.E. Church in Charleston held onto the flag as a racist symbol.”
“It’s not a reminder of the past, it’s an indicator of the hurtful white supremacist ideals.” -@w_butz

Another Perspective

In my opinion, it’s a little bit more complex than that, though it can be pretty easy to see only two sides of the argument.
Whether you are pro or anti flag, it is clear that the symbol is dividing the state in a real way. This complex problem has been debated for years as what might be called, “America’s Most Embattled Emblem.” The symbol is bringing about a lot of debated ideals, even anti-gay rhetoric.. Can we just cool it with the flag? Or is this going to be a debate for a long part of our history? It seems it’s here to stay no matter what South Carolina decides today.
@nicolejb I totally agree with you that the problem is definitely a lot deeper and more complex than just the Confederate flag and being pro-flag or anti-flag. I do believe that the Confederate flag needs to finally be taken down for good, but I think the discussion needs to go much farther than that. I hope people don't use the Confederate flag as a scapegoat for a much bigger and deeper problem.
Completely @JordanNash! It’s littered throughout the news right now, but I hope people are discussing the bigger issue at hand instead of just “flag or no flag"
@shannonl5 and @JordanNash you might be interested to see that they are taking the flag down in Sough Carolina: I think this is a good step for the state! Though I think it’s sparked debates in other places.
Let me grant the pro-flaggers their point of the flag not symbolizing hatred when looking at it's actual history and origin. Let's say that's true. Some people and groups have, in fact, used the flag as a symbol to promote hate. It's very similar to the swastika at this point. Even though it dates back 12,000 years all it took was the Nazi party using it to permanently stain it as a hate symbol. I doubt there is anybody saying we should reclaim the swastika as a symbol of what it once meant. Likewise the rainbow. Rarely do we see churches trying to actually reclaim it as a sign from god. They simply point out that in their book that's what the rainbow meant. It is now known as as a symbol for the lgbt community. Furthermore, the Confederate Flag should not be on our government buildings. It was one of many flags flown by a country, that no longer exists, that was at war with our current country. I'm all for people flying it from their houses or trucks so long as they are prepared to be judged in a certain light.
@nicolejb Finally! I hope people will learn and discuss the issues surrounding what has happened in South Carolina and other states.
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