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That drama turned out to be "The Heirs"!
That drama turned out to be "The Heirs"! I fell on love at first sight. I slowly became immersed with the Kpop world. Firstly because of Lee Bo Na (Krystal) and then I got introduced to her sister, Jessica! they have forever been my Ultimate Biases. I don't really remember how I got into Shinee but somehow I did. I started watching all their variety shows and I got more and more into Kpop. but that was in January 2014. Little did I know, Kpop apocalypse was gonna happen in May. I was really sad and since I was such a Sm-stan, I couldn't listen to Kpop anymore. Especially their new groups like Red Velvet. I turned to other outlets of music, but I didn't find a genre quite like Kpop. Ever.
I turned to YG next. They were so much less tumultuous and I actually really enjoyed their music, but they didn't ever give me such a big laugh as SNSD's Intimate Note. *sigh* the good times. but right now, I can very confidently tell you that I am a 100% YG-stan. However my ultimate biases are still SM. FEMALE: Jessica MALE: Key I'm sad Jessica left, but if she didn't leave, I wouldn't have turned to other entertainment companies and found SPICA! Let me tell you, Spica is literally a rare group in where I love all their members. even though they aren't as pretty or as young as other girl groups I still love them soooooooooo much.
Well it's been a long enough "First card ever" and no regrets right? peace...
welcome. We have a few newbies. Glad you joined us. Happy posting!
Welcome ^^ I'm a YG stan too, but honestly I love artists from most companies, anyway enjoy the community ^^
Hello, fellow 100% YG stan! :D Big Bang, iKON, Epik High, Winner and AKMU dominate my playlist lol. Welcome to the Vingle Kpop fam :) Great story ^_^ (PS. I also loved Heirs, but because of Kim Woo Bin lol).
I'm bias towards SM because of SNSD (5ever SONE) but I listen to a TON of different groups regardless...I was sad when Jessica left but I felt more liberated in my fan-ness (not a word) because I felt like I could embrace not only their music, but their choices and history. Still love them all (OT8+1) because it's not like the years with Sica didn't happen. (Intimate Note is my absolute favorite variety show with them, I could re watch it on a loop lol)
Hello!! Welcome to our community!!! If you have any questions feel free to ask one of the staff :) Btw SPICA are freakin awesome!!! I love them so much!