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I'm imagining a bunch of these hanging from the fence in my mom's backyard. And I think these are WAY CUTER than throwing up tiki torches! Don't you agree?!
Best part about this project is it doesn't matter what size mason jars you use--they can all work. Just pick your favorite designs with lids.

Tools and Materials (for 8 lanterns)

Chain or wire (found at hardware stores)
metal awl
pliers (2)
Make your LIFE EASY! Make a chain arm loom, similar to a purse for this project. Measure about 24 inch lengths of chain, each piece per mason jar. That's about 16 feet of chain you will need.
Use your metal awl to punch two holes into the mason jar metal rim caps.
Like this.
Use your pliers to save your hands and fingers from the stress of shaping the metal chain through the holes you just made.
As you can see here, the pliers are doing all the work. Love that!
Drop a tea lite or votive into the mason jars, hang them up and tell scary ghost stories in your backyard! Or, if you prefer a campfire for that sort of thing, then click here to see how you can make your own for about $40!