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The cast itself is scary amazing.
Ryan Murphy (the guy behind Glee and American Horror Story) is back with his newest show, Scream Queens. If the success of his other shows is any indication, this new series is going to be pretty captivating.
Scream Queens follows the Kappa sorority on a college campus recently rocked by a series of murders. The series is an anthology, so don't get too attached to the characters or plot because like in American Horror Story, they're subject to change every season.
I'm bummed that the cast might change because listen to this awesome group that will star in season one - Jamie Lee Curtis, Emma Roberts, Keke Palmer, Abigail Breslin and Lea Michele. Not to mention a couple of minor characters played by two major music stars - Nick Jonas and Ariana Grande.
The show is listed as a comedy-horror show, but the description just sounds terrifying, so I'm not sure where the comedy comes in just yet. No doubt it'll be dark humor.
Knowing Ryan Murphy it's going to be dramatic, every episode full of cliff hangers, but hey, that's what we love about TV, isn't it?
Scream Queens premieres September 22 on FOX.