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As everyone knows, summer is BBQ season, )my favorite season in case you were wondering). Life is perfect with BBQ'ed meat, hot dogs, chips and dip, and pasta salad! Plus you get to eat outside which obviously makes life so much better.
But sometimes you want something different then a cheeseburger. Sometimes you want to stray from the norm. Sometimes you want something BBQ'ed that isn't meat....
Don't worry, I got you covered. Using a portobello mushroom is an amazing substitute for a burger and its super easy to cook! So next BBQ try a healthier option and grab a few portobellos!
Heres what you need to make the most perfect Portobello Burger
- Portobello Mushrooms
- Olive Oil
- Salt and Pepper
- Mozzarella Cheese
Rub some oil, salt, and pepper on eat side of the mushroom and throw it on the grill for only a few minutes for each side. Once the mushroom feels tender throw on some Mozzarella cheese, wait for that to melt, and you are all set!
I told you it was super easy! Throw it on a bun and add all the fixings you want.
Pro Tip- I love roasted red peppers and pesto on mine!
The Portobello mushrooms are super meaty so they are the perfect, healthier substitute. Layer a few on one bun, or just add a ton of toppings, either way the Portobello will only taste even better! The best part about this recipe is you can add or subtract whatever you want to make your perfect mushroom burger!
So happy BBQing and let me know what you think of this meatless burger substitute!
We are having this for dinner Friday you bitch
I could eat these forever and ever !