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I just felt like doing this so here goes...At first I honestly couldn't stand K-pop. My sister listened to it all the time and I couldn't understand why she found it good, it annoyed me. While my dad was living in Korea he told me to listen to GD and I still wasn't hooked but when I heard PSY's "Gangnam Style" on the radio it was like I couldn't get enough of it. I tried to learn the lyrics and while I was failing at that, I saw a link on the side to Super Junior-M's "Break Down" and took a chance. It was over from there. I filled my phone with pictures of SuJu and then thought, "There are girl groups too and SNSD seems safe since they're from the same company as SuJu, so why not." Since then I'm a devoted Sone and I also enjoy following mostly girl groups but some boy groups wriggle into my sight as well. And this was my (very long) intro to K-Pop
@poojas thanks, I'm glad I did too lol.
Great story! Glad you switched from not being able to stand it to liking it! :D :D