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Just kidding! He hasn't even debuted yet. So please show him your love and support! LOL
Thanks to @kpopandkimchi for this card challenge. If you haven't already, check out the Ultimate Bias List and make your own Ultimate Bias card!
Let me tell you why my ultimate bias Kim Hanbin is awesome!!!
1. He is basically a minion in human form. He's 50% iKON's leader and 50% dorky.
2. He is obsessed with Mickey Mouse. No, seriously. He has Mickey Mouse on pretty much everything he owns. Isn't that adorable?
3. He is honest with his reactions. Don't expect him to pretend to be nice, he keeps it real!
4. He slayed his final performance of "Be I" in Show Me The Money 3! It was the best comeback song ever!
5. He is probably one of the best idol group leaders out there. He held together his team through many hurdles like Win and Mix and Match while slaying with his music. He's also the mom of the group, always taking care of the little ducklings. His favorite is Jinhwan though!
6. Did I mention he's a little derp? No? Well, he is. He also likes to travel on his own. When the rest of his group was traveling in pairs on their trip, he went to the zoo alone. Talk about an independent idol!
7. He is adorable. Do I need to explain more?
8. He is an amazing dancer! If you've watched Win or Mix and Match, you know that he does most of the choreos and they are amazing!
9. He's super dedicated when it comes to training. Even though he may appear goofy and dorky most of the time, he's very strict and serious when it comes to training with his team. I would say he's the reason iKON made it through all those survival competitions.
10. He's basically a super cool, goofy dork that has awesome singing and dancing skills and takes great care of his team. While I'm not sure he'll be the next GD like most people are saying, I'm sure he'll be a great Hanbin and leader of iKON!
Waiting on that iKON debut!!! Hanbin hwaiting!!! ^_^
idek but i don't like him lol …. i don't hate him but i don't like him either…. but i can't judge because i haven't even paid attention to ikon. i don't even know its members or anything.. i only know bobby because of his collab with HiSuhyun. I'm waiting for their debut thoooo
@EdwinBermudez If you watch any of their survival shows, I think you might appreciate him a but more lol. But up to you. We all have different biases haha. And Bobby's collab was awesome! ^^
@poojas Hehe ill try just gonna need a paper ,a marker, funny gifs and some i aspirational music cued . * playing dibidibidibs my name is minho*
@SashaLove I mean, it's just one idol. And you can list however many reasons they're amazing! :D Go for it!!! ^^
I think I should make a list but it's hard~~ and yes he is amaze ballz
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