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Imagine this: a sweet morning, the birds are chirping and the sun is shining...and what’s that? the aroma of coffee is in the air. You only just reach over to your bedside table to grab a perfectly brew cup of you. With a morning this sweet, I’m sure you’ll want to wake up. Well allow me to introduce your new best friend. Meet Barisieur. The Ultimate Alarm Clock coffee or tea brewer. You set up the coffee maker before bed, and wake up to a cup perfectly brewed and ready to drink...what’s more perfect than the smell of yummy coffee waking you up in the morning? You tell me.
The Machine works like this: fill up the water and the desired coffee grounds the night before. Set the alarm, and before your desired time, the machine will boil the water, send it through the coffee filter and into your mug.
The machine also has a small chilled compartment that you can put a little pouch of milk to use in the morning. So there are no spoilers!
So smile and wake up to a delightful cup of coffee. Is it destiny that you woke up on time? Or is it true love?
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Hahaha I feel ya @alywoah. I’m going to get one too and name him “Bae” Because honestly I don’t need a bf if I already have something to wake me up with coffee...amiright?!
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I HEARD ABOUT THIS. I love waking up to the aroma of coffee, so it sounds soooo appealing to me.
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