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Shall I compare thee to a FAFSA report?
A free-verse poem, no iambs needed.
Woke up again,
Over-analyzed how much to spend
Count the days,
Count the hours
Count the seconds
Take the shower
5 Dollars for coffee,
6 Dollars for gin,
20 dollars a day to spend on things for grins
can't do this
can't buy that
chase the rats
tit for tat
money woes
take the blows
New York's no place for the poor
how can you even get through the door
find a place to sleep
can't call it cheap
money woes
take the blows
twenty two
nothing new
school's take the money
force you to act funny
thinking and getting the degree
at the expense of your future you see
money woes
take the blows
They say get an education
they say run the nation
they say create your future
while taking it away
they turn up their nose
at the kids without clothes
they tell us all its okay
to let the dreams fade
when money's more important than your mind
it's cruel to be kind
Money woes
stay on your toes,
for if you stray
you'll fade away
I am lucky in that if I think like this for 3ish years I'll be out of it if I can stay frugal, but dang sometimes I just want that second cup of coffee for the day that I really, really shouldn't shell out for.
@LmJSuper I know! Gotta be frugal (I'm a shopaholic too, so having all of that debt isn't good!)
This post explains not only my life for the next I don't even know years after I finish college, but this is basically how I try and live my life on a daily.
I love this poem. My god those money problems though.