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Tassels are making the trend circuit again. Last time these were a big deal was in the late 90s. But of course all old things are new again! Tassels like this one are ENORMOUS, like bigger than your hand!


1 skein of yarn (you won’t use all of it)
1 piece of cardboard folded in two. Folded it measured about 8 1/2″ by 8″.
Foam like balls
Yarn needle
Measure and cut out three strands of yarn that are 20" pieces.
Wind the yarn around the cardboard like this, using about 2/3 of the skein. Thread the needle of three yarns between the cardboard and the yarn to tie a knot.
Cut the yarn from the cardboard.
Lay out the yarn flat and place a foam ball at the center.
Cut three more strands of yarn like you did previously.
Use the three new pieces of yarn to tie around the yarn below the ball. This will create the bell effect.
Tighten and pull as needed.
It's going to look bulky and lopsided at first. Don't freak out! LOL This is where you need to give it a good haircut and clean up the edges. Make it look legit. Experiment with different sizes and different thicknesses of yarns. Pretty cute, right? For other cute projects like this, click here.