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Hey guys!
Allow me to introduce myself. I'm @allischaaff, and two of my BIGGEST hobbies in the world are cooking and eating. :) I especially like cooking and eating in the company of other people.
I've been really appreciating the Vingle Food and Cooking communities, because they're a great place to share my love for food. I'm having so much fun writing cards and hearing your guys' feedback on them! I'd love to exchange even more deeply about our mutual passion for cooking. So instead of sharing a recipe in this card, I'm starting a conversation. Here's my question for you all:

Why do you love to cook?

Because you love to eat?
Because you want to save money and eat better?
Because you love the process of making something beautiful (and tasty)?
Because you love to see the enjoyment on someone's face as they devour something you cooked for them?
There are so many reasons to cook, and I'm sure as a community we embody almost all of them. :) Looking forward to hearing what you (yes, you!) have to say! :D
OH BOY. I keep meaning to write something here, but it's such a long story. I love cooking because it's just so awesome to be able to say that you're the one who made it, you know? I actually began cooking back when I was a broke college student who wanted to be able to eat Chinese food take-out everyday but didn't have the funds. And then I thought 'Hey, who says I can't just learn how to make Chinese food?' So I started with my favorite take-out recipes and branched out from there. I think my favorite part about cooking is how it actually kind of makes you lose weight? When you're cooking for yourself, you know all the ingredients you're putting in there, so there's no surprises and no crazy preservatives throwing your body for a loop. Just making something yourself versus buying it premade somewhere else tends to save you a whooole lot in the nutritional realm.
@TerrecaRiley I try? haha, just let me know if you need more encouragement :)
@MaryPanda There you go again! in loving this. So much encouragement. U speak truth
@TerrecaRiley awwww why thank you :') I think this is the first time I've actually inspired someone! all I can say is that things take time, before I cook I have to make sure I read a recipe like 50 times before I decide I'm ready and make sure to have everything I need. If I know I'm not ready or unsure I'll do more research, like watch videos to make sure I know what to do. I also do trials so I know how I can cut my time limit or stress level down and what to cut out. I appreciate that you're doing what you need to for your husband :) as spouses we try to do our utmost best for our better half even if it's something that may make us pull our hair!
Sorry, I'm a little late to this! But why do I love to cook and bake? Honestly, food is the #1 joy in life. That's not to say that I don't have other things to be happy and thankful for - I really do, and I appreciate every one of them - but for as long as I can remember, food has always been at the top of my list. It took me a while to accept that about myself, as if I should be cherishing something more "meaningful" than just food, but I finally gave in and really started to embrace it in my late 20's. Loving food just means I'm happy most of the time, because there's great food practically anywhere you go - especially if you take the time to make it yourself :D
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