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Hey guys!
Allow me to introduce myself. I'm @allischaaff, and two of my BIGGEST hobbies in the world are cooking and eating. :) I especially like cooking and eating in the company of other people.
I've been really appreciating the Vingle Food and Cooking communities, because they're a great place to share my love for food. I'm having so much fun writing cards and hearing your guys' feedback on them! I'd love to exchange even more deeply about our mutual passion for cooking. So instead of sharing a recipe in this card, I'm starting a conversation. Here's my question for you all:

Why do you love to cook?

Because you love to eat?
Because you want to save money and eat better?
Because you love the process of making something beautiful (and tasty)?
Because you love to see the enjoyment on someone's face as they devour something you cooked for them?
There are so many reasons to cook, and I'm sure as a community we embody almost all of them. :) Looking forward to hearing what you (yes, you!) have to say! :D
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@shannonl5 we'll make lasagna or por roast or simple breakfasts, nothing too complicated :)
@buddyesd simple but tasty! A friend of mine always recommend stew in the winter. It's super easy to make, and you get the tasty smell of it cooking all day!
@shannonl5 i love stew :) I'm gonna try and make when he comes back from vacation. I've been dying for some chili though
@buddyesd oooh chili! I haven't been able to find a recipe I like. Would you be willing to share yours?
@shannonl5 I'm in the same boat, but when I find one I'll definitely share it :)