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Now I love rappers who can sing their own hooks and do it well. The song itself is catchy and I love the guitar. Its very laid back and simple. And the melody is sweet feeling like you wanna legit hug yourself and sway side to side to it. I've been searching everywhere for an English translation for this song.....I really need it. Like some ppl want it but I NEED IT. The MV is powerful. I love the message. It shows the good times in life and the beauty of having friends and relationships. But it's also heartbreaking how it's hard to really enjoy what you have when you're unable to combat yourself and your own demons. And the inability to communicate with your loved ones exactly what is going thru your head and what you're feeling can be a burden. In the MV it's like he's feeling sorry for not only himself but also his gf and friends. Its like Im gonna give my loved ones this perfect day and I'm gonna smile and be happy with y'all because I feel sorry that tomorrow I'll be gone. Its just really sad. @MattK95 have you seen this one yet? It was released in May so I'm a bit behind.
@StephanieDuong sweet! Its actually a really catchy song and a cute video....minus a couple scenes.
I'll watch this later and I'll tell you how I feel about it! @PassTheSuga
I hadn't seen it yet @PassTheSuga but I'm glad you showed it to me, this song and video are special, it's a great song, and a very emotional video :)
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