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Best of Aegyo: J-Hope
Don't you love it when idols show off their aegyo (regardless of how good they're at it)? I really like to see this side of idols, whether it's on stage, in variety shows, or behind the scenes.

I'd like to share the best of idol aegyo with you guys each week. This week I chose BTS' adorable rapper, J-Hope!

Let me show you this derp's aegyo style!
What even is this? It it aegyo, is it not? It's cute though...I think.
Okay, J-Hope definitely pulled an aegyo move here. What does he want???
He's obsessed with making hearts! You can always catch him throwing hand hearts at fans.
Aegyo card is never complete without the buing buing! ^_^
Does this kid ever stop? All hail the aegyo fanservice king. LOL
Hope you guys enjoy this!
Look forward to more aegyo show-offs at Best of Aegyo! ^_^
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