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Don't go the lazy route! Well, at least, don't allow your guests to be lazy. I am talking about the visuals.
This stunning tablescape is making my eyes work, and I am the better for it. Also, it means I am engaged with what I am looking at. I am fully immersed into the experience. That is exactly what you want your guests to be--fully immersed into your wedding. It is an event, after all.
So, let's just examine the elements in this picture. There's the exposed wooden table that has been painted a gray color. This is mixed with the clear glass crystal stepware and the mirror-finish steel lanterns. There appears to be either branches of wood that are raw on the table. The feminine touch is in the soft coral reds of the flowers. But those aren't just your everyday roses and hydrangeas. Those magenta pointy flowers are called pin cushions. They are part of the protea family of plants. They are unscented and range from the reddish orange you see here to pale yellow, and everything in between those two shades. The pointy texture of the pin cushions rightly juxtaposes the soft organic flops and folds of the wide-open peonies.
By combining all these elemental textures, it forces the eye to notice everything because together, these elements are unexpected. When the eye has seen something before, it shuts off what it's looking at and assumes its seeing what it saw previously. My point is, don't spend all your money on something that has been done before without your own signature textural details. And when those are put together in unexpected ways, it captivates!
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