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ello all! I am ebbie! here to make life much less serious and a lot more fun •﹏• maybe alittle crazy= ̄ω ̄= but let's enjoy the ride I am a small, calm but yet goofy spirit that wonders the united states my dream is to be able to say I've walk on a piece of each and every continent... I believe I can achieve that goal because... DUM DUH DUN DUUUHH culinary chef here...! sorry for that haha just alittle excited!
my first ever taste of outside music was a little rock (j-rock) band called The GazettE! till this day, I still rock out to it... I was 12 BTW. now I'm 18, k-pop is my favorite flavor. OMG soooo delish! I guess I can say it was more from anime... you know their music??? friggin awesome. that's where that all came from. theeeen the major ones like BIGBANG & EXO BABY! yeah Sowwe haha. I think I need alittle more though dontcha' think? new cool friends✌ new awesome music♬ sexeh oppas♚ lovely idols. maybe new bias *I don't wanna leave you taeyang baby it won't happen* ^____ completely random person here! haha ‼‼ long right ❓❓❓ OMG I know sorry!
XD I'm glad someone agrees with me
I know right ! I think I can never pick a bias in Bigbang. like bruh menboong
thanks @sashaLove !! I think BigBang has taken more affect on me than I thought Lol... I hate when people ask who my bias is.. like can I just have em all?!
nice intro! I also love BigBang and exo !!